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Full Build Services

Bringing a clients vision to reality is our main driving force.  We produce the finest automobiles using your wants and needs mixed with our experience, attention to detail, and what we feel is keeping with and often surpassing industry standards.  A plan is where it all starts,  from communication to sketches and renderings.  We will make sure the build is what you want.  If you desire a restoration, we are driven to reach for the highest point restoration you desire to have.


Once we have the right plan and design, we will tear down and get to work.  Our fabricators are well versed in steel, aluminum, fiberglass for Corvettes and can form even the most complex of panels.  We also have the finest wood craftsman that build  the best wood bodied cars to our own standard surpassing the industry.  We completely mock up a vehicle before paint including the plumbing and wiring which saves time and money.

Metal & Woodworking

The vehicle then gets completely disassembled and the finishing process begins.  Body work is completed and the plating process begins.  Once the body is perfection we will finish it using PPG paint.  Their products prove to be the best for us.  We work closely with a couple of the finest interior companies in Michigan. Once we have the car completed we tune and test and it’s time to hit the streets.